Richard Huckle

Richard Huckle

Richard Huckle (Regulatory Affairs Director, Healx) has 30 years’ experience in drug development coming from pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO industries. Healx leverage artificial intelligence technologies in drug discovery to develop new treatments for rare diseases. Prior to Healx, he was a Senior Director for Huron (Pope Woodhead), with CROs PPD and Gregory Fryer Associates, managing global clinical trial submissions and lifecycle strategy. Richard has also managed teams at Actelion, Axovan (Basel), Chiroscience and authored 30+ peer-reviewed publications.

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    Patient evidence and engagement


    Don’t we in Life Sciences excel at generating abbreviations and acronyms? For example, do you know your COA from your PED or PPI? Or PEE from PRO? If you don’t, an explanation will be forthcoming in this edition of the Regulatory Rapporteur.