Q. How do I access this month’s Regulatory Rapporteur?

By issue

All of the articles for a given journal’s issue month are collected together in one place and always sit at the top of the home page in a carousel. 

Latest journal

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By contents

There is also a Contents page for each issue giving a brief overview of the articles published.

The online issues have also retained their ‘front cover’ identity for each Month/Issue/Vol/No to reinforce each edition’s theme and unify that month’s content. 


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Back issues

It is also possible to access the Contents pages for issues published from January 2022 using the carousel which sits part way down the homepage.

See also FAQs below for more information about how to access the archive.

Back Issues & Archive


Q. Can I receive the Regulatory Rapporteur in a printed format? 

No. The journal has now completed its transition from the original printed format and became online-only from March 2023.


Q. Can I download a complete PDF of the Regulatory Rapporteur?

While PDFs of new issues and individual articles are no longer being made available as standard, you can create them yourself – please see the next FAQ for more guidance on how to do this.

Also note that the issues and articles from January 2015 through to November 2022 remain available as PDFs in the archive.


Q. Can I save Regulatory Rapporteur articles to read on another device?

Optimal PDF save or print settings

Yes. You can access Regulatory Rapporteur articles by logging into the online platform and navigating to the article you want to save to read offline. You can then make your own PDFs for use offline or on e-readers such as tablets like iPads or other handheld devices such as a Kindle. For most PC-users, it is as simple as pressing Ctrl-P to start printing the article and selecting ’Destination - Save as PDF’ (see picture on left).

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You can also combine them into a single document / issue. You may already have access to the Abobe Acrobat application but, if not, then Adobe provides its ‘Merge’ into a single PDF as an online tool.

The output of the journal from the website, while not the same experience as print, has proved to be more than acceptable for use on offline PDF readers like Kindle.


Q. Where is the Regulatory Rapporteur archive

Issues and articles published from January 2022 through to the present are available as webpages on the online publishing platform and can therefore be located using the search tool or added to MyLibrary.

Issues and articles published from January 2015 through to November 2022 are available as PDFs in the archive, however owing to their status these cannot be located using the search tool or added to MyLibrary.


Q. Can I download the podcast to my phone?

Yes. You can search for the podcast on all major podcast providers as ‘RegRapPod’ or follow this link to Apple Podcasts.

Supporting documents

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